VIRTUAL Engineers designs co-generation (Combined Heat and Power or CHP) and tri-generation systems to cover the heating, power, and cooling needs of industrial and commercial facilities.  Our designs maximize building and facility energy efficiency and reduce and control the overall cost of electricity.

Our team is experienced with the application of gas fired co-generation systems as well as Capstone microturbines and has designed systems to take facilities “off the grid” by using renewable energy systems.  We implement emerging technologies to design sustainable developments for new facilities and for buildings undergoing major retrofits.

VIRTUAL offers:

  • Assessments to determine if a co-gen system is economically feasible
  • Structural and electrical assessments
  • Preliminary design of a co-gen system
  • Detailed engineering design and drawings of a co-gen system required for applicable approvals from authorities having jurisdiction including equipment and technology specifications
  • Identify capital cost, life cycle operating costs, estimated savings, return on investment, and payback periods associated with the installation of a co-gen system
  • Provide construction support during installation of the co-gen system