About Us

VIRTUAL delivers elegant and efficient engineering solutions to industrial, commercial and municipal sectors, internationally. The VIRTUAL process couples innovative problem solving systems with intuitive methods that expedite processes and manage uncertainties.

VIRTUAL is a multi-discipline engineering firm focused on the delivery of elegant and efficient solutions. We offer structural, construction, mechanical, electrical, industrial and chemical processes, energy audits and retrofit engineering services to industrial, commercial and municipal sectors. Our clients are multi-national industrial companies, condominiums, hotels, institutions and municipalities.

Founded by R. Anthony Warner, FEC (a Fellow of Engineers Canada), in 1997 and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, VIRTUAL was among the pioneers of the Canadian engineering industry with its leading-edge application of technology in the development of infrastructure.

Fostering this spirit of innovation today, VIRTUAL has devised an original process designed to guide the development of elegant and efficient engineering solutions. The VIRTUAL process generates streamlined solutions that minimize traditional design pitfalls. It achieves this desired end by coupling intuitive responses, informed by continuous improvement techniques used widely in industrial plants, with innovative engineering practices.

VIRTUAL is a think tank consisting of integrated teams of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, energy management, and chemical engineers with specialized market sector experience and intelligence.